First Timer’s Berlin

Head to the anti hipster West for tree lined boulevards and pretty boutiques, with more than a Parisian whiff to it. JETpack Flashpacker is super clean and quiet with born and bred staff and alfresco morning lattes.

First time round, it seems only right to get all the dates straight and catch the (long) tail end of a New Berlin free tour. Tip generously and you’ll still come away all the richer (in knowledge, of course.)

You’ll begin at Brandenberg Gate, form your own opinion of the Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe, catch bits of Wall on your way to Checkpoint Charlie and finish off in the dust of Museum Island.

Take a late afternoon picnic to the Tiergarten or stop for kaffee and kuchen before playing with the wild things of Kreuzberg till dawn. Just make sure you can find them by getting local tip offs on underground night spots.

Sunshine on a Sunday is made for exploring the tufts of forest, glass topped lakes and little bridges of Charlottenberg Palace. And if I were you, I’d miss the last bus home, grad a Second Hand Guide to Berlin and disappear behind the mothballs.

Kirsty Allen

By the time I finally visited Berlin, this city had been hyped up to near mythic proportions. It certainly delivered but I was left disappointed by how much we still wanted to see by the time we were back on the Prague bound bus. This guide is written as a first timer on short time scale so if you’re a Berlin local or lover, who knows the nooks and crannies, I’d love for you to challenge me on what should really make the cut in a two hundred word review.


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