Woods Hole, MA, USA

Don’t miss this quaint, unassuming, gem of a town south of Falmouth in the “armpit” of Cape Cod.

Start your day early to beat the crowds to Pie in the Sky: grab a warm popover, a coffee, and the New York Times before attempting to snag a seat outside the bustling bakery. The locals are friendly and will probably share their table if you ask nicely.

As the sun climbs higher, stroll down Water Street, across the drawbridge and into town. Peek into Howlingbird Studio and rifle through their bargain bin of misprinted t-shirts. Turn right when the street ends and stop to watch the harbor seals at the Woods Hole Science Aquarium.

End up at Stoney Beach, whose sandbar gets as shallow as ankle-deep during low tide. Swim past the jetties toward the rocks, then turn around and paddle back to the buoy. Wade to the beach, rinse the salt off in the shower, and enjoy a well-deserved nap on your towel.

When you’ve dried off, head back into town for an ice cream cone from Jimmy’s, which you can enjoy while watching the boats navigate through the swift current of “the hole.”

Tammela Platt

And here is why Tammela is your resident expert on this town: “My family has a house in Woods Hole and has been coming here for two weeks every summer since before I was born. My blog, Wherever I am, you are there also, is a combination of travel tales (especially from two years as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Ukraine, 2010-2012), recipes, running and cycling race and ride recaps, and general musings.”

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