Carnival in Trinidad and Tobago

Trinidad and Tobago’s carnival is , first and foremost, a participation activity.

My own involvement in Carnival is purely that of a masquerader and even though I am a born and bred Trinidadian, there is always an energy that is hypnotic and insatiable. Every time is just like my first time.

Carnival is one extreme street party celebrated on Carnival Monday and Tuesday, preceding Ash Wednesday. When the revelry has ended on Carnival Tuesday night, on Ash Wednesday everyone heads to the beach or to Tobago for the after Carnival cool-down.

The celebrations however, get started right away after Christmas on Boxing Day. There are lots of parties where you can eat and drink all night into the wee hours of the morning. There’s always an excitement in the air that’s contagious, exciting, loud, and sexy, filled with beautiful people adorned in beautiful costumes. The throngs move with swishing hips and swaying waistlines to the pulsating sounds of soca music. Soca is a musical hybrid of calypso and East Indian rhythms.

If you are an actual first timer, guaranteed, it will never be your last! This is Carnival in Trinidad and Tobago!

Eden Al-Moravids

I’m Eden from She Travels Caribbean Style and I am a citizen of Trinidad and Tobago, plus an avid masquerader! Just as a note, both the islands, Trinidad and Tobago, celebrate the main annual event together. However, both Port-of-Spain (the capital city of Trinidad) and South Trinidad (another city on the island), celebrate on the same day. This picture is of my ladies and myself (I’m in the purple costume) on Carnival Tuesday 2013



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